Full restore

A complete or full restore is commenced by selecting the task to restore. The rsync command shows either the --dry-run backup command or the restore command to execute. You might copy the command to a terminal window to check the result of a run. It is a --dry-run only and simulates the real run.

  • the backup radio button shows the actual rsync command for backup task including all parameters

  • the restore radio button shows the rsync command for restore including all parameters from the backup task

  • the rsync commands for restore will select the most recent snapshot as source for restore

The Restore view, by selecting the Restore button in Execute view, does an estimate of numbers to transfer. By selecting Restore button in the restore view commence the restore process. You are prompted to confirm to commence a full restore.

It is advised do a full restore to a temporary restore catalog.

If selected the restore will copy all files in destination to the temporary local restore catalog. For snapshot task a restore from is from the most recent snapshot.

You are prompted to confirm to commence a full restore.

Written on April 10, 2018