This is the menu app ( for executing scheduled tasks in RsyncOSX. Scheduled tasks are added in RsyncOSX. Quit RsyncOSX and let the menu app take care of executing the scheduled tasks. RsyncOSX does not execute scheduled tasks. Scheduled tasks are only added and deleted in RsyncOSX.

The menu app can be started from RsyncOSX. This requires the paths for both apps to be entered into userconfiguration. The paths are used for activating the apps from either within RsyncOSX or RsyncOSXsched.


The menu app submits a notification when a scheduled tasks are completed. A scheduled task is either of type once, daily or weekly. If there are tasks waiting to execute the status light will be green.

There is a minimal logging in the menu app. The menu app logs the major actions within the menu app.

Active scheduled tasks.

Written on April 10, 2018