Plan for snapshots

The plans for delete and keep snapshots are split into three parts:

  • this week
  • this month
  • previous months

Selecting a plan, either last or every only evaluates and suggests which snapshots to delete based upon the plan. Deleting snapshots is a destructive operation and should be performed with care.

Snapshots to keep

All snapshots to keep are tagged:

  • this week
  • Day this month
  • last Day month.

Day is selectable in user configuration and one of seven Days.

This week and month:

  • in the current week (this week): keep all snapshots
    • snapshots are tagged with this week
  • in the current month (this month): for all weeks in the current month exclude current week, keep all snapshots each Sunday
    • snapshots marked for delete are tagged this month
    • snapshots to keep are tagged Day this month

To delete the suggested snapshots press the Delete button.

Previous months:

  • in previous months: keep snapshots either last Day each previous month or every Day in previous month.
    • snapshots marked for delete are tagged prev months
    • snapshots to keep are tagged last Day month or Day prev month

Selecting a plan is available after selecting a task and RsyncOSX has collected info about snapshots from remote server.

Plan last, choosen day is Sunday:

Plan every, choosen day is Sunday:

Written on January 1, 2018