Sample process

This page demonstrates some of the views which are available after selecting a row in Execute view. All views automatically checks if a row is selected in Execute view and presents info based upon the selected configuration.

First of all select the task in Execute view, either a backup or snapshot task.

In the Verify view there are two options, either do a Verify or a Changed. The Verify, which is a --checksum process, might take some time depending upon the number of files to verify. The Changed, which is a --archive process, is quick. The task is aborted if the user select other view before the task is completed.

Result of a verify.

Result of a changed.

If the selected task is a snapshot task all available snapshots are automatically listed.

Old snapshots has to be deleted by the user. There are no automatically deletions of old snapshots. Either set number to delete directly or use slider. The snapshots to be deleted are marked red.

If there are many snapshots the number of remote files might be huge. In this view there are 31 snapshots with about 93,700 files.

The logs can be sorted either ascending or descending. The number in parenthesis is related to the snapshot number. If there are no task selected in Execute logs for all tasks are listed.

Written on April 10, 2018