Reading and writing data to permanent storage

The object Readwritefiles.swift decides if data should be read from memory or permanent storage. All data (configurations, schedules and log records, user config) is read from permanent storage utilizing the NSDictionary foundation class.

RsyncOSX configuration file, scheduled tasks which also includes log records and user configuration are plain XML-files (property list files). Files are saved in:

  • ~/Documents/Rsync/MacID/configRsync.plist - configurations
    • ~/ is user home directory
    • MacID is the Mac serial number and is automatically set by RsyncOSX
  • ~/Documents/Rsync/MacID/scheduleRsync.plist - scheduled tasks including log records
  • ~/Documents/Rsync/MacID/config.plist - user config

If profile is used:

  • ~/Documents/Rsync/MacID/profile/configRsync.plist
  • ~/Documents/Rsync/MacID/profile/scheduleRsync.plist
    • profile is the profile name
  • ~/Documents/Rsync/MacID/config.plist - user config
Written on March 10, 2018