User configuration

There are only a few parameters to choose in user configuration.

The parameters are:

Configurations saved to permanent store

  • 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 of rsync - any version of rsync should work, but only rsync version 3.1.2, version 3.1.3 protocol version 31 and rsync version 2.6.9 protocol version 29 are tested and verified
  • optional path for rsync
    • if other version of rsync is installed in other path than /usr/local/bin it must be set here
  • detailed logging on or off - if detailed logging is on all backup tasks are logged, if off only last date for task is updated in Execute view
  • temporary path restore
  • Scheduled tasks (default on: dispatch, if off: timer)
    • don´t bother to switch, it is only how (technical) scheduled tasks are kicked off

Log file

Logging is saved to permanent store.

  • either minimum (last 10 lines) or full logging of output from rsync, be carful not logging everything, the log file might be big
  • log file is Documents/rsynclog.txt
  • logging to file is off when RsyncOSX starts

Number of days

  • Number of days
    • in Execute view tasks older than number of days are marked red

Paths for RsyncOSX and RsyncOSXsched

  • path RsyncOSX
  • path RsyncOSXsched
    • the path for both apps should be set if scheduled tasks are executed in RsyncOSXsched, green light indicates apps are found in path
    • see scheduled backups and menu app for more info

If the user selects another version of rsync, RsyncOSX does check if there is a rsync in path set by user. If there is no rsync in path RsyncOSX will not execute any tasks.

In right corner down the version of rsync utilized is presented.

No rsync i path

The views below is what happens if a not valid rsync path is set. An error is presented in bottom of user configuration. If there still is a missing rsync in optional path no execution of tasks is allowed (it gives no meaning of executing a task without a rsync).

Written on April 10, 2018