About me

My name is Thomas and I am the developer of RsyncOSX. The development of RsyncOSX commenced in January 2016 as a project to learn Swift. The first version was released in March 2016 and I have learned a lot since then. The codebase for RsyncOSX today is very different from the very start. There has been several refactor of code and the status of codebase today is quite stable. I have a university degree in computing science, but I am not a professional developer.

A professional Swift developer would probably written the code somewhat different. To be a professional developer require, in my opinion, to be a full time developer. There are a few design patterns around but there is no such thing as a silver bullet. To be really good at adapting a pattern require, again in my opinion, a role as professional developer. In such a context I am only an amateur.

I will continue to improve, enhance and add new functions in RsyncOSX. It is fun to code and I would like all users of RsyncOSX to ask for new functions. Testing is also a challenge and I am not able to test all parts in RsyncOSX ahead of new releases.

If you like using RsyncOSX or RcloneOSX please consider giving me a star on the GitHub repository.


There are four MacOS applications:

All four MacOS applications are compiled with support for macOS 10.11 - 10.14.

Issues, missing features and enhancements

Please use the GitHub repository to report any issues or request for new features or enhancements.