RsyncOSX config files

RsyncOSX stores its configurations, schedules, log records and user configuration as property list files. There are three kinds of files and all are stored in the Documents/Rsync catalog. RsyncOSX evaluates the computer mac serial number at startup and all files are stored in Documents/Rsync/macserialnumber

Configuration files

Default profile stores all configurations in:

  • Documents/Rsync/macserialnumber/configRsync.plist

If profile is utilized:

  • Documents/Rsync/macserialnumber/profile/configRsync.plist

where profile is a sub catalog.

Schedules and log records

Default profile stores all Schedules and log records in:

  • Documents/Rsync/macserialnumber/scheduleRsync.plist

If profile is utilized:

  • Documents/Rsync/macserialnumber/profile/scheduleRsync.plist

User configurations

The user configurations is stored in:

  • Documents/Rsync/macserialnumber/config.plist.

The user settings applies to all profiles.

Written on April 10, 2018