Next version

This is some info about next version of RsyncOSX.

Updated 21 Oct 2018, version 5.5.4 rc.

Name of backup task is changed from backup to synchronize which is more precise. Name of task is automatically converted. Quickbackup is redesigned. The progress is enabled on each row. Select the marked button to commence a quickbackup. The quickbackup executes a estimation run and selects all tasks with files to be synchronized. To commence the actual synchronizing select the marked play button. There is a progressview on each row indicating the progress. There is a progressview on each row indicating the progress. Copy single files or catalogs is redesigned. Remote files can be filtered by search strings in Search. By enter remote info in Remote catalog: also updates the restore command and result of a restore. The restore catalog can also be changed. I am also working on snapshots, added functions for deleting old snapshots by number of days. By estimate changes now default selects tasks to be executed. It is possible to connect RsyncOSX and RcloneOSX. I have set up RcloneOSX to encrypt a copy of a local catalog. RsyncOSX is set up to copy the encrypted catalog to a remote server. Those two tasks are connected to encrypt data and synchronize updates to a remote server.

Written on April 10, 2018