Install RsyncOSX

June 2020, the Jekyll Based docs are archived and not updated, please see the Hugo based docs.

RsyncOSX is released in version 6.3.0 (26 May 2020). It is not required to install the menu app ( The menu app is for executing scheduled tasks only.

RsyncOSX is signed and notarized. There is a short intro to RsyncOSX.


The command

shasum ~/pathtodownload/RsyncOSX-version.dmg

will print the shasum for the .dmg file. For your own safety verify the shasums.

RsyncOSX 6.3.0.dmg: 2f062df9d68b760de702851489e8986371a644b6
RsyncOSXsched 6.3.0.dmg: 91fea19d902a4ee8727f0555f781eb7af8a9742b

To install RsyncOSX open the downloaded RsyncOSX-version.dmg file, copy the to the /Application catalog or any other preferred catalog. And likewise for the RsyncOSXsched-version.dmg.

RsyncOSX is installed and used at your own risk and developer accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions or loss of data by using the application.

Version 3.1.3 of rsync

See readme.txt within dmg file for how to manually install version rsync 3.1.3.

rsync313.dmg: 568ccf4d0981223f51e1c54941bc6cbc87988ae8

Version 6.3.1 release candidate

See what is new in the release candidate.

RsyncOSX 6.3.1.dmg: 983907dc70f142360d28c4572ea8a2c5284062ff
RsyncOSXsched 6.3.1.dmg: dc4ccffc8792152a0f28314cf070fdb678dfbf24

Versions of rsync

The default version of rsync in macOS is old (version 2.6.9, protocol version 29). Version 2.6.9 was released in nov 2006. The current release of rsync is version 3.2.1 protocol 31 released 22 June 2020. Version 3.1.3 of rsync is bundled together with RsyncOSX. It is strongly recommended to install rsync as part of Homebrew if other version than default version in macOS.

  • install homebrew and install the latest version of rsync as part of homebrew (brew install rsync)
  • get rsync-3.1.3.dmg from releases to install version 3.1.3 of rsync

In RsyncOSX select user configuration and set path for optional version of rsync.

Passwordless logins to remote servers

Using RsyncOSX for backup to remote servers require to setup passwordless logins to remote servers.

Written on June 5, 2020